Employees in Manitoba Eligible for Domestic Violence Leave

By Peter Mueller on 2016/06/29

Beginning on June 1, 2016, certain employees in Manitoba will be eligible for domestic violence leave under The Employment Standards Code. To be eligible for the leave, an employee must meet certain requirements, including that the employee is a victim of “domestic violence” (which has a specific statutory definition) and the employee is taking the leave for a particular purpose described in the Code, like obtaining psychological or other professional counselling. Eligible employees are entitled to 2 separate leaves – one for 10 days (intermittent or continuous) and another for 17 continuous weeks. A first for statutory leaves of employment under the Code, an employee can opt to be paid for up to 5 days during the leave. If you would like more details on domestic violence leave in Manitoba, the lawyers in Taylor McCaffrey’s labour department would be pleased to help.

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