Challenging Assisted Reproduction Laws of Manitoba

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News2020 | 06 | 11

Challenging Assisted Reproduction Laws of Manitoba

Updated June 15, 2020

Robynne Kazina speaks to Global NEWS, CBC and Winnpeg Free Press, about parentage laws and filing a constitutional challenge towards the outdated assisted reproduction laws currently in place.

Manitoba’s current legislation is outdated, unconstitutional, and discriminatory against same-sex couples and couples experiencing infertility.

Under the current Manitoba legislation, when a child is born through assisted reproduction, the intended parents often have to go through a court order or an adoption process to be declared as the legal parents of their own child, if they have no biological connection.

Robynne represents 7 Manitoba couples listed on the court filing, you can read more about one of the couples on the CBC news website here.

Another article featuring a different couple represented can be found on Winnipeg Free Press news here.

Read CTV new’s article regarding a separate couple here.

To view the full video and read more on this topic on Global NEWS website go here.


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