Robynne Kazina is awarded the Ally Award at this year’s 2020 SOGIC Awards

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News2020 | 09 | 14

Robynne Kazina is awarded the Ally Award at this year's 2020 SOGIC Awards


Congratulatulations to partner, Robynne Kazina, at Taylor McCaffrey LLP, who is this year’s recipient of the Ally Award, presented by the CBA’s Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Community, which recognizes excellence by lawyers, professors, law students or judges who are not members of the LGBTQ2+ community but who have nonetheless advanced the cause of that community.

Robynne specializes in fertility law and assisted reproduction, in and outside of LGBTQ2+ communities. She has been active in promoting changes to legislation and protocols to bring them in line with society’s changing definition of family.  Robynne is continually educating the general public, the LGBTQ2+communities and professionals about related protocols and legal issues and is involved in filing a notice of application for a constitutional challenge to the Family Maintenance Act on behalf of seven LGBT couples. The pro bono case seeks to change the definition of “parent” which would allow couples who undergo assisted reproduction to be deemed to be the parents of a child.

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