A fresh new look for Taylor McCaffrey LLP

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News2019 | 08 | 24

A fresh new look for Taylor McCaffrey LLP

The refreshed corporate identity and website put a focus on what is important to the firm: its clients and its people.

Taylor McCaffrey LLP is getting a massive makeover. The firm has relocated to 201 Portage Avenue, at the historic Portage and Main intersection, and used the opportunity to completely refresh its brand identity.

The new location’s contemporary, client-focused design is also reflected in the updated corporate identity and website.

“Moving into our fantastic new space this year gave us the perfect opportunity to refresh our visual brand too. We have grown as a firm, added practice areas and industry expertise. Our brand and our website needed to reflect that growth,” said the firm’s Chair and Managing Partner Norm Snyder.  “Our new site demonstrates the excellence that visitors can expect when they work with us. I believe it also shows that we put our clients first by making it easier than ever to engage with us digitally.”

Corporate Identity

The newly designed and detailed corporate identity was created after a year of effort and collaboration. The new brand is clean and direct, with a focus on bold contemporary fonts. A new palette of engaging, contrasting colours allows for ease in readability.

A simple, font-based logo, with straight lines and colours, free of graphic distraction, radiates straightforward style and professionalism.  The brand’s updated colours in the logo and visual identity reinforce the firm’s emphasis on clear, concise, solution-driven advice into the brand.

The refreshed red is a distinctively bright and vibrant vermillion colour, a bold choice that shows the firm is one of the top in Manitoba. The new colour helps the firm stand out as much as the change to the word mark shows the firm is current and capable in its modern type style. One other change saw “Barristers and Solicitors” replaced with the more direct “Lawyers”, demonstrating that, at Taylor McCaffrey LLP, clients get a team of lawyers that work in collaboration for them.

“The logo is a representation of us as a firm. It’s important that it shows who we are. We believe the new identity reflects our dedication to excellence, our drive to remain on top of our game and our uncompromising devotion to putting clients first,” said Snyder. “This logo clearly identifies us as one of the city’s top firms and sets us up for many more decades of growth.”

Client-Focused Website

Featuring the brand new look, the updated website was created with user experience top of mind. Information about Taylor McCaffrey LLP‘s lawyers is front and centre and can be easily sifted through. Developed for all platforms, the fully responsive layout allows clients to effortlessly search for the lawyers best suited to their personal or business needs whether they are on mobile, tablet or desktop.

One of the main goals of the website was to provide visitors with a simple way to find the lawyer for them and discover more about the legal solutions Taylor McCaffrey LLP can provide. The firm offers services in over 80 areas of law available in eight core areas – Advocacy, Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Business Law, Family Law, Labour & Employment, Real Estate & Property Development, Taxation, Technology & Intellectual Property, and Wills, Estates & Trusts – and in 18 industries. The home page opens to a search query with prompted questions, so people can find what and who they are looking for quickly and efficiently, by searching by practice area, lawyer, or industry.

Teamwork and collaboration are essential to the success of Taylor McCaffrey LLP. Known for its roster of highly respected and skilled lawyers, the firm’s updated Our People page highlights this dedicated, experienced team. Updated photos include individualized biographies, allowing clients to get to know their lawyers before meeting them.

While the site is free of graphic distractions, the images it does include will be familiar with many Manitobans. As a proud Manitoba-based firm, these images are of well-known and familiar Manitoba landmarks, including our new location at Portage and Main.

The new website will also feature updated content with helpful information in the Resources section – articles, newsletters, brochures, and firm announcements. The content will cover many areas of law, discuss regulatory changes and review legal issues that affect the firm’s clients. This continually changing content highlights developments and new issues our clients may encounter.  It is delivered in a manner that is relevant, clear and concise.

Tylor McCaffrey LLP's website features

Web Accessibility

Diversity and inclusion are important to Taylor McCaffrey LLP. The firm’s updated visual identity includes simple, legible fonts and contrasting, clear colours to help eliminate barriers for persons with sight loss. On the website, along with the simple fonts and contrasting colours, alt tags have been implemented to aid in the effectiveness of screen reader software.

The significant transformation, both online and offline, has given Taylor McCaffrey LLP a fresh look that is sure to appeal internally and externally – to clients, lawyers and staff alike. The clean and modern feel in the font, colours and images reflect the corporate culture and identity that Taylor McCaffrey LLP has built since 1979.


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