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Welcome to Taylor McCaffrey LLP

Taylor McCaffrey LLP is one of Manitoba's leading law firms. Our driving focus is to provide exceptional legal advice. Drawing upon our recognized expertise and extensive experience, our team works collaboratively to create solutions that are comprehensive, innovative and effective. We are dedicated to being trusted advisors by listening, understanding and providing counsel with commitment and integrity. Our firm and our lawyers are committed to excellence in the practice of law and to contributing to the communities in which we live.

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‘Tis the Sneezin' – Does the Seasonal Flu Give Rise to the Right to Refuse Work?

2020 | 02 | 13

As the cold weather arrives, so does the flu. The flu poses many challenges for employers, most significantly in regard to worker absences. There’s little doubt that an employer might be motivated by a business interest to encourage workers who are sick with the flu to stay home and rest so they can nip the symptoms in the bud, return to work sooner and avoid passing the flu on to co-workers and causing even more absences. But we all know that many workers will come to work with flu-like symptoms and tough it out for a day or two, feeling they’re still well enough to work (a phenomenon called “presenteeism”).

Taylor McCaffreyArticle

Sexual Orientation and the Road to Equality

2020 | 02 | 13

A straight line is always the shortest distance between two points, but the road to equality in terms of sexual orientation has not travelled that most direct route. Finding our way anywhere new, particularly if the path is sometimes blocked by a need for social, cultural and legal change, takes time and perseverance.


Rights of a Beneficiary of an Estate

2020 | 01 | 30

Rights of a Beneficiary of an Estate

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