Collective Bargaining
Helps you find solutions so you can focus on running the business.

Taylor McCaffrey LLP helps you find solutions so you can focus on running the business. We act as behind the scenes advisors or lead negotiators around the bargaining table in helping employers get the best deal possible with their unions. We’re available to provide creative options, advice and strategy in any collective bargaining environment, but based on your particular business or undertaking, and wherever you happen to be. Where parties can't agree and where there are strikes or lockouts, we can help keep you up and running and assist with strike preparation, management and communication strategies, including injunction proceedings.

We have a proven track record of successful negotiation. We identify and solve potential problems in advance, and through analysis, planning and the use of clear and effective language help avoid costly and disruptive grievances.

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    After a complainant files a human rights complaint with the Manitoba Human Rights Commission ("Commission"), the respondent may file a reply. The Commission may attempt to resolve the complaint through mediation or other means at any time.


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