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Representing provincial and national sports associations, governing associations, athletes, administrators and officials in Manitoba and beyond, Taylor McCaffrey LLP helps clients with their governance and to obtain binding appropriate resolutions of disputes involving sport. We assist clients with arbitration, mediation and counseling for matters related to personal injury, insurance, human rights and sexual assault, contract breaches and defamation.

Jeff Palamar is a seasoned Sport Law lawyer who hears cases as an arbitrator under the Sport Dispute Resolution Code of Canada.

Ryan Savage is Vice President of Boxing Canada and a former National Team athlete. He has combined his passions of sport and law to successfully advocate on behalf of many athletes and national and provincial sports organizations. Ryan has also been involved in numerous hearings before Sport Dispute Resolution Code of Canada arbitrators.

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    What is a reasonable offer to settle under s. 37.1(2) of the Manitoba Human Rights Code?

    2021 | 01 | 25

    After a complainant files a human rights complaint with the Manitoba Human Rights Commission ("Commission"), the respondent may file a reply. The Commission may attempt to resolve the complaint through mediation or other means at any time.


    Premature Settlement of Unjust Dismissal Complaints under the Canada Labour Code: Fact or Fiction

    2020 | 12 | 01

    The decision of the Federal Court of Appeal in Bank of Montréal v Yanping (Kate) Li, 2020 FCA 22, provides an interesting take on the settlement of a dismissal under the jurisdiction of the Canada Labour Code (the "Code") prior to a complaint of unjust dismissal being filed that federally regulated employers should be wary of.


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    2020 | 02 | 13

    A straight line is always the shortest distance between two points, but the road to equality in terms of sexual orientation has not travelled that most direct route. Finding our way anywhere new, particularly if the path is sometimes blocked by a need for social, cultural and legal change, takes time and perseverance.